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In the stone production industry, precision is the key success factor in cutting. To achieve accurate cuts, in addition to having the right cutting tools, the producer must be able to handle the slabs with efficiency and ease. In that sense, the lift tables and hydraulic carts are the most valuable equipment for the smooth handling of the parts during the cutting process.

If you are in the stone production industry and looking for the ideal hydraulic table for your operations, you will find the best alternative on BridgeSaw.com. You should learn more about the features of our hydraulic lifting equipment, so you know why it will be your ideal choice.

Why Choose Bridgesaw's Hydraulic Table?

Great Design and Manufacturing

At Bridgesaw, we use all the knowledge we've accumulated over ten years of serving bridge saws to design the ideal work table for your shop. Our table is designed for precision work, with a solid 126 “x79” work surface where you can lay out your slabs for all your projects. It has four clamps placed on the sides for maximum workpiece security.

Heavy Duty

Our workbench is designed to support you regardless of your shop's production volume. It is made of the highest strength iron and steel to ensure durability. Also, it is equipped with a powerful 5HP oil pump system ready for heavy-duty work. It can support up to 4K Lb of weight.

Great Versatility

To achieve the best industrial scissor lifts, we made sure that our table allows for high maneuverability of the part during the execution of your project. The table rotates 360°, so the operator does not have to go around it. Besides, its scissor tilt system will allow you to tilt up to 85°. There are also five preset stop positions for fast and smooth operation: 0°, 45°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

Total Control

We designed the top of the scissor lift tables with a single point of control for maximum safety and efficiency. It has a single, easy-to-operate panel with two buttons to control rotation, two for tilt, the power switch, and the pre-selected stop button.

More Benefits

BridgeSaw.com is the leading manufacturer of bridge saws, hydraulic lift tables + carts, offering more benefits to its distinguished customers. You'll enjoy our lifetime phone support for as long as you have the workbench. Also, we offer you the best 3-year warranty in the industry, which includes labor and parts in the first year, parts in the second year, and we offer you 50% off parts in the third year. We will also ship your table for free nationwide, and you will have access to the best financing plans in the market.

Buy the Best Table at Bridgesaw

If you are looking for the best work table, a leading hydraulic lift cart, the greatest bridge saw, or the best machinery for your stone production company, you are in the right place. BridgeSaw.com is the foremost company in stone production equipment sales and service, and we are ready to take your company to the next level. Contact us for service or to see our models and deals today.

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