DiamondSC Sink Cutout

MTE BridgeSaw is excited to announce the DiamondSC Sink Cutout Machine. MTE Bridge Saw’s DiamondSC Sink Cutout machine was designed to overcome one of the biggest bottlenecks fabricators face in production.

The C Style frame of the DiamondSC allows for cutting sinks in any size countertop, from small vanities to very large islands, without all the setup hassle. We’ve designed the CAD/CAM software so that once all your sink files are loaded the operator can simply set a starting point and run a sink cutout from cut to polish in under 20 min.

Manual cutting and polishing can’t compete with the speed and efficiency of the DiamondSC.


  • The design allows sink cutting in any size countertop
  • Easy-to-use programming software
  • Sinks cut to polish in under 20 mins.
  • 10hp spindle
  • Holds up to 11 tools
  • Automatic tool change


  • Working length (X axis): 51″
  • Working width (Y axis):  31″
  • Useful working dimensions: 31″ x 51″
  • Max. slab width: Any size slab
  • Max. slab thickness: 3″
  • Max. slab size when doing counter edges: 43.3″ x 23.5″
  • Tools: 11 Automatic pickup stations
  • Working precision: ±0.004″
  • Max. X axis and Y axis speed: 100’/min
  • Max. Z axis speed: 32’/min
  • X-Y-Z axial mechanical movement: Ball bearing screws
  • Spindle: 10HP (7.5kw) (Ext. water col.)
  • Cooling system for tools: External
  • Max. rpm of spindle: 12000 rpm
  • Software: works with DXF files from AutoCAD
  • LAN and WIFI connection for remote assistance
  • Code of program: G Code
  • Tool holder tangs: BT40
  • Total power of machine: 13.4HP
  • Power:  220v 3 Phase
  • Weight of machine: 4000Lb
  • Dimensions of Machine: 93″L x 75″W x87″H (8’x6’x7′)

Warranty & Technical Support

  • 3-year warranty
  • Complimentary tech phone support for the life of the machine
  • Technicians on staff, not subcontractors