If your company is like most in the granite industry, the bridge saw represents one of the most important pieces of equipment in your operation. When it breaks down, you may put off repair because you’re concerned it will cost a lot of money. The reality is that having even one bridge saw down can cost you more in lost or late orders and productivity. understands that no amount of down time is acceptable in business. That is why we offer same day repair work to our valued customers. will find the problems and fix them right, the first time, every time!

Moving & Installation

Moving to a new location? Buying a new or used machine? Our experienced professionals can help. Trust us as the experts for your equipment moving, installation, and calibration.

To say that a bridge saw is not easy to move is quite the understatement. In addition to being extremely heavy, it has several large pieces that can be awkward and unsafe to handle alone. This is especially true of the electrical components. If your company recently moved to a larger facility or purchased new bridge saw equipment, give a call to arrange installation. We have many years of experience removing, rigging, and installing bridge saws.

Our company believes in clear communication. We will let you know exactly what you need to have ready on moving day as well as provide you with a detailed list of what you can expect from us. Additionally, we provide you with an accurate cost estimate so you can budget for the expense in advance.

Bridge Saw Parts

Any part you need for your bridge saw or stone fabrication equipment, we either have in stock in one of our three nationwide locations or can order it for you from our large network of suppliers.

  • Poseidon
  • Park Industry
  • XZQQ 625
  • Matrix
  • Johnson Machinery
  • Emmedue
  • Sasso

Control System Retrofit

A retrofit on your current equipment will eliminate all electrical problems and provide you with the below benefits,

  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Wireless remote and touchscreen technology
  • Save downtime caused by frivoulous repairs
  • Increased ease of operation