Clear Cut Maintenance Plan

Only $99 per month per machine*

Trust the technicians that have serviced your stone fabrication equipment over the past 10 years to maintain your equipment long-term! MTE BridgeSaw’s Clear Cut Maintenance plan includes onsite service from one of our experienced technicians and a comprehensive maintenance checklist. Contact us today to inquire whether this service is currently available in your area. 

Below is a checklist our technician will use on each visit to ensure machines are in good working order.

  • Complete physical inspection
  • Check for worn or damaged parts
  • Grease & replace broken fittings
  • Check oil levels
  • Replace filters
  • Change oil at recommended intervals
  • Inspect seals
  • Repair leaking air lines & fittings
  • Repair leaking water lines & fittings
  • Repair leaking hydraulic lines & fittings
  • Level & calibrate machines
  • Clean each machine
  • Tie & repair broken electrical wiring
  • Top off all fluids
  • Repair all worn hoses
  • Inspect pneumatic system
  • Inspect hydraulic system
  • Inspect electric system

Disclaimer: *Paid annually, only available in limited service areas, terms & conditions apply