Granite Saw Blade

Invest in the Finest Granite Saw Blade

Material cutting is one of the most critical processes in any granite and stone production company. In this sense, a granite bridge saw will allow you to achieve excellent mass production with maximum material utilization and obtain perfect pieces for each project.

If you are in the granite industry and looking to invest in the best granite saw blade, you will not find a better option in the market than the Diamond5 CNC developed by You should get to know our equipment better, so you know why the Diamond5 CNC is the best bridge saw for marble and granite you can buy.

Why Choose Diamond5 CNC?

For the design and development of the Diamond5 CNC, we used all our knowledge and expertise accumulated in our more than ten years of servicing bridge saws and CNC machines. This allowed us to develop an extraordinary machine that includes the best industry features, including German electronics, automatic tool measurement, integration with laser templating, a vacuum system for material saving and nesting, and centralized controllers with an easy-to-use touchscreen for maximum control.

Large Work Capacity

Diamond5 CNC has everything you need to handle your granite slabs expertly and complete your projects to perfection. This includes an extraordinary 182 “x82.6″ full tilting hydraulic table. You can use cutting discs from 13.7″ to 26″ to reach up to 7” deep in any material including granite, marble, limonite, and more.

Maximum Material Utilization

Diamond5 CNC is the wholesale CNC bridge saw that will allow you to take advantage of every last inch of every granite slab. To do this, it uses Pegasus Cad/Cam software, the most advanced tool in the industry. This software can perfectly capture the slab's photo with a camera, correcting distortions. Also, you will be able to define the machined shapes, positioning them on the slab with maximum efficiency. Finally, the software will help you plan the cutting process so that it is optimized, fast, and efficient.

High Precision Cuts

With Diamond5 CNC, there will be no cutting or project impossible, thanks to its excellent 5-axis interpolation system, driven by the best controllers in the industry: Syntec. It perfectly handles the high order 5-axis motion and utilizes the RTCP (rotary tool center point) function for faster and more accurate cuts. Besides, the CNC system is supported by Yaskawa drivers, which incorporate the latest advances in motor speed control for seamless automated process management.

Maximum Support

Lastly, when you purchase the Diamond5 CNC, you will always be backed by the Bridgesaw team. We offer you the best warranty in the industry: 3 years. This includes parts and labor for the first year, parts for the second year, and a 50% discount on parts for the third year. Plus, you'll have lifetime phone support to back you up and help you get the most out of your equipment.

Buy the Best Granite Saw Blade

Diamond5 CNC is the best wholesale bridge saw on the market and will help you take your company to the next level. Get it with the best financing plans, and enjoy our free nationwide shipping. is your bridge saw supplier par excellence; we are here to serve you. Contact us for service or to see our models and deals today.

Granite Saw Blade

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