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Select the Best CNC Bridge Saw for Sale

One of the vital pieces of machinery in any stone production business is bridge saws and CNC machines. This specialized equipment help increase the productivity of stone pieces, improving up to 10 times the production speed of the best manual operator. Besides, the pieces delivered are uniform, with an exceptional quality that increases customer satisfaction and the business's profitability.

Among the different alternatives of CNC bridge saws for sale that you will find in the market, you will find the best options at With us, you can invest in extraordinary models such as the Diamond5 CNC or the DiamondJet. However, which is the ideal model for your company? You should get to know our machinery pieces better, so you can choose the ideal bridge saw for marble and granite.

Why Choose Bridgesaw?

We offer state-of-the-art models designed and developed with the best in the industry. Diamond5 CNC and DiamondJet are developed with the best in the industry and manufactured with top materials, with technologies that exceed expectations. Also, they come with the best warranty, three years: the first on parts and labor, the second on parts, and the third with a 50% discount on parts, unique in the industry.

Comparing the Diamond5 CNC vs. DiamondJet

Common Features

These machines are designed with the best technologies, including German electronics, and manufactured with high-strength metals to ensure durability. They are designed for ease of operation, which is why both have a centralized control system to prevent the operator from circling the machine. Also, they are straightforward to set up thanks to their intuitive, user-friendly software, accessed through a color touchscreen.

Cutting Capacity

Both machines feature 5-axis interpolation for handling complex cuts. In the case of the Diamond5 CNC, you will have a disc head rotation from 0°-365°, with a tilting movement between 0°-90°, and it has a router bit that will allow you to cut sinks and inner edges. As for the DiamonJet, its head rotates between 0°-360°, and its tilting movement goes from 0°-90° and has a locking system.


In the case of the Diamond5 CNC, you will be able to use cutting discs between 13.7″ and 26″, achieving a maximum cutting depth of 7″. For the DiamondJet, you will be able to operate it with discs between 13.8″ and 25.6″, obtaining a maximum cutting depth of 7.5″.


The Diamond5 CNC does not have any self-maintenance mechanism. Instead, the DiamonJet features automatic sliding guides' lubrication and oil bath on the X and Y axes.

Controllers & Setup

The Diamond5 CNC has easy-to-program software. It uses a camera for slab setup, with integration with laser templates. The DiamondJet has an easy-to-use interface with a photo slab for nesting with the option to do it manually or automatically. Besides, it has a USB port, Ether CAT port, and CAN open connection for project setup.

Choose the Finest Wholesale Bridge Saw

At Bridgesaw, we strive to design the best equipment for you so that you can take your business to the next level. Choose the best wholesale CNC bridge saw according to your needs, and always count on the support of the best. At Bridgesaw, we are at your service; enjoy our free shipping nationwide and the best financing in the market. Contact us for service or to see our models and deals today.

CNC Bridge Saw For Sale

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