Diamond5500101 main motor 15kw (Old Di5 Models)
Diamond5500102 Main motor bearing TD7212 (Old Di5 Models)
Diamond5500103 Main motor bearing TD6309 (Old Di5 Moedels)
Diamond5500104 Casting aluminum rotor, hollow shaft, front and rear bearing (angle contact ball dual bearing)
Diamond5500105 Main motor 26.4lw (New Di5 Models)
Diamond5500106 Main motor bearing T-276-6206 (New Di5 Models)
Diamond5500107 Main motor bearing T-276-6211 (New Di5 Models)
Diamond5500200 Computer
Diamond5500301 A & C Axis Servo Motor – absolute value with brake, 850w (All Di5 Models)
Diamond5500302 A & C Axis Servo Driver (All Di5 Models)
Diamond5500401 X & YAxis Servo Motor (Old Di5 Models)
Diamond5500402 X Y Z Axis Servo Driver (ALL Di5 Models)
Diamond5500403 Z Axis Servo Motor (Old Di5 Models)
Diamond5500404 X & Y Axis – absolute value servo motor, 1.3kw (new Di5 Models)
Diamond5500406 Z Axis – absolute value servo motor with brake, 1.3kw (New Di5 Models)
Diamond5500500 rotary joint
Diamond5500600 ball screw rod with nut
Diamond5500700 Vacuum pad
Diamond5500801 blade cover
Diamond5500802 Blade cover nuts
Diamond5500901 X Axis Accordion Cover
Diamond5500902 Y Axis Accordion Cover
Diamond5501000 Grease pump
Diamond5501101 water filter
Diamond5501102 Water filter seals
Diamond5501200 Schneider switch
Diamond5501300 Inverter
Diamond5200500 Water Valve
Diamond5501400 “Solenoid valve(for vacuum cups’ use) 4V310-10-B Terminal type/DC24V PT”
Diamond5501501 “Solenoid valve(for vacuum cups’ use) 3V3-08NC-B Terminal type DC24V PT”
Diamond5501502 Solenoid valve (hydraulic station)
Diamond5501600 Hydraulic Control -one-way valve (hydraulic station)
Diamond5501700 tool sensor
Diamond5501800 Sliding Block
Diamond5200201 Laser Green
Diamond5200202 Laser Red
Diamond5501900 Laser Factory Model
Diamond5200400 wireless pendant remote
Diamond5502000 Emergency Switch
Diamond5502100 control panel with buttons
Diamond5200100 Switching Power Supply
Diamond5502201 contactor (LC1D12 M7C)
Diamond5502202 contactor (LC1-D40AM7C)
Diamond5502301 breaker for motor (GV3P65/48-65A)
Diamond5502302 breaker for motor GV2-ME14C 6.0-10A)
Diamond5502401 Miniature Circuit Breaker (IC65N D10A 2P)
Diamond5502402 Miniature Circuit Breaker (IC65N D63A 3P)
Diamond5502403 Miniature Circuit Breaker (IC65N D6A 1P)
Diamond5502501 Intermediate relay (RXM2LB2BD)
Diamond5502502 Intermediate relay (RXZE1M2C)
Diamond5502503 Intermediate relay (RXM4LB2BD)
Diamond5502504 Intermediate relay base (RXZE1M4C)
Diamond5502600 limited switch (XCKP2145P16)
Diamond5502700 breaker (LV510337 D100 3P)
Diamond5502800 Auxiliary contact (GVAE11)
Diamond5502900 Proximity switch (FI8-GI8-OP6L)
Diamond5503001 Data network cable 0.5M(two male)
Diamond5503002 Data network cable(Green Union) 20M(one male, one female)
Diamond5503100 1transfer to 4 USBDistributor 0.5M
Diamond5503200 USB socket two female
Diamond5503003 Data network cable(Green Union)5M
Diamond5504700 Camera to Computer cable
Diamond5504800 Camera Cable T1000
Diamond5503300 Hydraulic pump VCM-SF-40D-10
Diamond5503400 Hydraulic motor 3HP 4pol 220v 2.25kw
Diamond5503500 Nut for blade
Diamond5503600 Belt on the C axis
Diamond5503700 Vacuum Pressure Sensor
Diamond5503800 Oil cap
Diamond5503900 Air fittings
Diamond5504000 Fingertip
Diamond5504100 Mandrel
Diamond5504200 Blade
Diamond5504300 Batteries A & C Axis