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MTE Bridgesaw was formed in 2010 because we saw the need to service many different types of machines for stone fabrication across the country. Our goal was to offer the highest level of service, no matter what type of machine you have or where you bought it. We achieve our goal every day. We help hundreds of fabrication shops nationwide stay in production.

In 2018, we began offering our own line of machines for stone fabrication. Using our years of service and repair experience, we developed a line of machines that are superior, more powerful, cut better, faster, and last longer. We’re pairing our knowledge of service and repair with the best machines in the industry, backed by the best warranty in the industry. We’re offering a line of machines based on a machine we’ve installed and serviced for years. With over 1,000 machines operating in the U.S., our track record reflects quality machines that last.

Below are the locations of our current equipment installations. MTE BridgeSaw delivers anywhere in the United States.

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We’ve been trusted by the granite industry for more than 10 years

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At MTE BridgeSaw, we offer a Clear Cut Guarantee!


  • Pre-owned and refurbished equipment for the stone fabrication industry
  • Completely refurbished
  • Like-new condition