The “3 point quick hitch tractor attachments” system is the most common system for attaching implements to the tractor, be it large or small, high or low. Few implements are spared from being hitched to the tractor by this system.

As an exception we could name those that are towed (such as towed implements: trailers, balers, tanks…) and are hitched to the drawbar of the trailer. There is also another exception which is in very small tractors that have their own specific system (which is not three-point) and that I do not recommend since it does not allow the attachment of generic implements, only those manufactured only for them (such as the small Pasquali).

All implements need to be hitched or connected to the tractor to be operated by it. The main or most common three-point system on tractors is located at the rear, but there are also tractors that also have it mounted at the front, and many others that, if they do not have it, can be mounted (the vast majority).

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What parts make up a 3-point linkage system?

Quick 3 Point Hitch

Hydraulic lifting arms

There are two, and they are the arms that go from the tractor to the lower part of the implement, one on each side, generally at the same height from each other. Tractors usually have at least one of them prepared to regulate the height of the arm, and thus be able to level the implement a little to taste once it is hitched.

These have regulation to open or close the width of the mooring one with respect to the other (not all the implements have the moorings located at the same distance one from the other). This regulation is formed by a system of left-right screw-nut tensioners that allows to lengthen or shorten and that can be placed inside or outside of each arm. They can be rigid (rather those that go on the inside) and flexible chain (rather those that go on the outside as is the case of the photo).

The hydraulic arms can be manual (they must be fitted and closed with their pin by hand) or automatic (the tractor itself performs the operation).

Our Quick 3 Point Hitch

As its name indicates, it is the third attachment point of the implement. Only with two tie-down points that go crazy you can not command (raise or lower) an implement. Well, the third point is that attachment that completes the triangle of the three-point system.

It is generally a large turnbuckle with two threads, one on the right and one on the left, which allows us to lengthen or shorten its length so that we can raise or lower the implement from the tip to achieve the necessary leveling or work adjustment. There are those with hydraulic regulation system that the tractor itself can move according to need (they usually go on tractors and large implements).

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