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A good granite bridge saw is a must for every contractor and fabricator who produces countertops and stone pieces for their customers. These pieces of equipment allow you to deliver precise, high-quality cuts. However, not every business can afford a new bridge saw for marble and granite.

In those cases, it is best to get a top granite saw used. However, buying a used granite saw is not as simple as it seems. You must take into account specific criteria, which will allow you to choose a good aftermarket machine and secure your investment.

The Ultimate 7-Step Guide to Buying a Second Hand Granite Saw

  1. Home vs. Pro

Keep in mind that when searching online, you will find a variety of models, most of which are for DIY. Make sure you select professional equipment so that you can have continuous production without straining the equipment or worse, damaging it in a short time.

  1. Brand

You should prefer bridge saws and CNC machines from the most recognized brands in the industry. These machines have better design, better making, and are more robust. This will guarantee you longer durability when you subject it to hard work. Also, it will be easier to find spare parts when it requires maintenance or repairs.

  1. Features

Make sure that the wholesale bridge saw you choose allows you to work according to your needs and workload. In that sense, take into account elements such as the strength of the motor, the weight it supports, the sturdiness of the board, and the control devices.

  1. Useful Life

You must evaluate how much profit you can get out of the used machine you select. A piece of equipment may have excellent features, but if it is too old, you may have to invest in another piece of equipment very soon. Choose one that will at least allow you to get back your investment, or that will allow you to work until you can buy a new one.

  1. Repairs

Keep in mind that many of the used wholesale CNC bridge saws on the market will require maintenance before you can use them. Consider what repairs the model you select needs and the associated costs. Sometimes the repairs are so many that it is preferable to opt for a new model.

  1. Shipping Costs

Don't forget that a granite saw is a bulky and heavy piece of equipment. When exploring options, consider these features, and the location of the machinery. This will help you research how much it will cost to have the piece of machinery in your shop. The best options like the ones we offer at Bridgesaw have free shipping nationwide, so weigh free shipping options carefully.

  1. Overall Price/Value Ratio

Once you look at the different aspects of the equipment you are evaluating, you need to ask yourself, is this used equipment worth the money? Make sure you go for an option that gives you a good price/value ratio and justifies the investment. Also, ask if there is a financing option.

Get Top Used Equipment at Bridgesaw

If you're looking for a great used saw for your carving operation, you've come to the right place. At Bridgesaw we have the best selection of used and rebuilt equipment. All of our equipment is carefully inspected and serviced to ensure our customers' productivity. Besides, we have the best prices in the industry and the best financing options. Contact us for service, or to see our models and deals today.

Granite Saw Used

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