Granite Saw

A granite saw makes sure the slabs are perfectly cut without any uneven ends or chipping, whether it is the backsplash, tiling, or flooring. Rather than tear the tile, these machines slice through them for a precise cut. The saws can cut through different materials, including porcelain, ceramic, glass, and granite. When you want to buy a bridge saw, you might become overwhelmed if you do not know what to look for. Our company is a leading supplier of bridge saw machine for sale.


As a leading bridge saw manufacturer, our company has gained a reputation for offering affordable power tools. For instance, our wet tile saw is an excellent option for people looking for a power tool that is affordable and provides value for money. All our products come with an extended warranty.

Built for Longevity

We stock some of the best quality saws on the market. BridgeSaw understands that you are in business, and we aim to ensure your business grows. By offering you high-quality saws, you can take on as many counter fabrication jobs as possible.

If you are in the market for bridge saw suppliers, you may want to consider us because our products come with excellent features, including:

Motor Power

We know how vital motor power is, which is why the RPM range of our bridge saw can be anything from 3000 to 6000RPM. For residential tasks, we recommend saws with the 3500-RPM motor. If you are doing commercial and heavy-duty tasks, consider a saw with an RPM of 4000 and above.

Blade Size

Blade size is a crucial determinant of bridge saw performance. Our blade size ranges from 7 to 10 inches. The larger the blade, the deeper and easier it is for the saw to cut through. Our 7-inch blade saws can handle cross cuts of 7.75 inches and diagonal cuts of 7.25. Our 10-inch saws can handle cross cuts of 18 inches and diagonal cuts of 28 inches. The high rotation speeds of our saws ensure you get clean cuts.

Water Reservoirs

We sell wet bridge saws, which means they come with water reservoirs. The reservoirs ensure that the blade remains cool while producing the least amount of dust and debris. The water flow is distributed through an enclosed water spray system.

Tilt Table

Our saws come with sturdy, steel tilt tables. The tables are where you position the slab before it is cut. Our bridge saw table allows you to do a bevel angle cutting range of 0 to 45 degrees. The maximum bevel angle cut is 45 degrees with a similar miter cut. The steel deck holds water quickly and is fitted with splash guards to keep the operator dry during operation. Our saws come with drain plugs for draining water in the bucket.

If you are looking for a used bridge saw for sale near me, please contact us today, and we will find one for your budget.

Please contact BridgeSaw at 877-262-1500 to learn more about our machines and services. We serve all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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