Granite Cutting Saw Blade

When industry specialists need to cut anything extremely enormous, such as a massive block of marble or granite, they often use a stone-cutting saw to cut it into working pieces. Granite bridge saws are available in a variety of sizes to meet the demands of any individual or business. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about bridge saws and CNC machines.

What is a Bridge Saw?

Bridge saws are named by their shape and are used in industrial masonry and stone cutting. If you take a step back and look at this equipment, you will notice that it does, in fact, resemble a bridge, with two supports or posts on either side connected by a bridge that spans several feet. This connecting bridge is the track that the saw's cutting head moves along. This means that the width of the bridge is the only constraint on the size of the stone slab that can be carved.

Bridge saws, like all masonry and stone cutting saws, have a diamond blade to cut through the stone, and a water pumping device runs water over the granite cutting saw blade and stone when cutting to minimize dust and keep the saw blade cool. When using a bridge saw, the diamond blade and cutting head move over the “bridge,” cutting through the marble, granite, or other material as they go.

What is a CNC Bridge Saw?

CNC bridge cutting machines can do all of the functions of both standard and multi-function granite bridge saw machines, as well as other functions that other saw machines cannot. With the CNC machine, there is a computer. You can create a CAD drawing and then upload it to the computer. When the machine receives your order, it will begin functioning automatically. For countertop products, our wholesale CNC bridge saw machine can also cut full round.

How to Install A Bridge Saw

As one of the more reputable wholesale bridge saw machine suppliers, we offer complete processes from A to Z on that equipment. After our client receives their bridge saw for marble and granite, we will provide them with the user handbook and installation guidebook. All elements like the bridge saw electric machine drawing, as well as all setting information, are included in the installation book. Of course, we can send a technical team to the client's workshop to complete the installation. This solution provides you with a specialized technician that can mount, set up, and teach your employees.

Where to Buy the Best Quality Wholesale Bridge Saw Machines?

At Bridgesaw, we offer the best quality bridge saw machines from the world's best manufacturers. These machines are available in a variety of sizes. No matter what type of granite, marble, or stone you'll be cutting, our experts will assist you in selecting the ideal bridge saw for the job. We also offer high-quality granite cutting saw blades that make your work more efficient. We'll work with you carefully to ensure that you acquire the right machine for your need and that you know exactly how to install it once it arrives.

Granite Cutting Saw Blade

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