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Marble, granite, and other high hardness materials have become a favorite for commercial and residential kitchen and bathroom countertops. One of the critical processes in the fabrication of these pieces is cutting. A precise cut ensures the quality of the product, thus increasing customer satisfaction levels and business profitability.

In that sense, if you work in the stone production industry you know that having bridge saws and CNC machines in your production shop is a must. These machines allow you to produce accurate and in-series pieces, increasing your productivity and boosting your business. If you are looking for an extraordinary stone & granite bridge saw, you won't find better alternatives than the ones we offer at You should know why choose us and know the excellent options we have for you.

Why Choose Bridgesaw?

We have been successfully serving a variety of stone saws across the country for more than a decade. During all these years, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding the do's and don'ts of the ideal saw, regarding mechanics, hydraulics, and electronics. This expertise has allowed us to design equipment that drives our customers' production to the maximum, minimizing losses and delivering exceptional results. Each of our bridge saws for marble and granite allows our customers to drive business, with an excellent ROI.

Here Are the Excellent Options Bridgesaw Has For You

  • Diamond 3: This model has positioned itself as the manufacturer's favorite wholesale bridge saw, combining the power of its robust 20HP motor with a 100 programmable computer. With its central control panel, the operator does not have to move around the machine to maintain control. Its laser-guided cutting will give you extraordinary serial cuts, including fully motorized miter cuts, and deep cuts. Also, it features automated water on/off system for maximum control of water consumption.
  • Dianond5 CNC: we developed this state-of-the-art wholesale CNC bridge saw, which is becoming the industry benchmark. It has an excellent Italian-designed pegasus CAD/CAM, and 5 interpolated axes for complex cuts. With its hydraulic tilting table and automatic tool measurement, you get precise, quality cuts. It also has a convenient router bit for sink cutouts and inside corners, allowing you to finish the entire part in a single process.
  • DiamondJet: If you're looking for the best waterjet saw on the market for your shop, this is the ideal choice. With its 5 axes, 360° rotating head, 0°-90° automatic tilt, and 85° hydraulic tilting table, no cut will be impossible. Besides, it has an oil bath on both the X and Y axes for maximum equipment protection and minimum maintenance. It also has a built-in Teamviewer for remote access to the machine's PC for maximum control.

Buy From the Experts

Only at Bridgesaw will you find the best bridge saw for stone, developed with state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practice expertise. Take your shop's production to the next level with the best machinery. Plus, enjoy the most competitive prices and the best financing in the market. Contact us for service, or to see our models and deals today.

Bridge Saw For Stone

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